Food & Wellness Diary: for the nursing mother who suspects an infant food sensitivity

Posted by paula on Sep 17, 2009 in Health

Baby is not nursing nicely. Maybe there’s a rash. You’ve heard it might be something you ate. This might be so. But there’s no reason to spend the rest of your nursing relationship in chocolate-deprived misery, wondering if it really did make a difference. There are a couple of more scientific things you can do.

The food and wellness diary is my second choice of diagnostic tool. My first, is the two-day low-allergen elimination diet described in “Infant Food Sensitivity: step-by-step self-diagnosis“. The diary is more work, takes more time to get a result, and requires more knowledge (or help) to interpret than the two-day exclusion diet. However, on the plus side, it’s completely safe, easier on your eating requirements, can be used in conjunction with whatever else you are doing, and can help you come to a more detailed understanding of the situation. Read more…

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