Harper’s 4th birthday

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Harper’s decided to have a Rainbows and Unicorns party for her 4th birthday.

This information is primarily for those who have received an invitation to the actual event but anyone who wants to buy her a present is welcome to read this!

You probably know us and probably know we’re anti-merchandise and anti-gendered toys. We’d also like to avoid plastic and packaging as much as possible for environmental reasons. We hope you won’t be insulted that we created an inspirations board for gift ideas.

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She’s currently very keen on the idea of a cuddly knitted unicorn (see photo above), a scooter, dress-up stuff (doctor’s kit and chef’s kit especially, but I could only find the doctor kit in wood), rainbow blocks (see the full pinboard¬†here¬†for some examples of those). We’ll probably get her the camera, among other things.

If you’re buying an actual item on the pinboard, could you leave a comment on the pin or tell me so we don’t get duplicates?

We really appreciate your understanding on this one. Feel free to let us know what your child(ren) would like for their birthdays!

Harper’s cake will be a gelato cake as we’re dealing with a dairy- and gluten-intolerance in a number of family members. We’ll also have gluten- and dairy-free cupcakes and at least some won’t be chocolate as another friend has an allergy there too. Please let us know if you or your child has other food issues and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

If you’re looking for the party itself, it will be here:

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If you can’t remember the date or time, please call Doug on 0450 090 801.


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